An accounting entry that properly reflects the contingent liabilities. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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I. reserve re‧serve 1 [rɪˈzɜːv ǁ -ɜːrv] verb [transitive]
1. TRAVEL to arrange for a place on a plane, in a hotel, in a restaurant etc to be kept for a customer who will arrive later; = book Bre:

• He reserved two rooms at the hotel.

2. to keep or restrict something so that it can be used only by a particular person or for a particular purpose:
reserve something for somebody/​something

• Of the total capital, 19% is expected to be reserved for strategic investors.

• The local road was to be reserved for traffic which had business in the locality.

3. reserve the right to do something COMMERCE to state in an agreement, contract etc that you want the opportunity to do something or change something:

• The company reserved the right to invest directly in some of the movies.

4. all rights reserved LAW a statement put onto printed, recorded, or electronic material to show it is illegal to copy it without special permission
5. reserve judgement to delay a decision or opinion about something until a later date:

• The five-judge panel will reserve judgement until they see further evidence.

  [m0] II. reserve reserve 2 noun [countable]
a minimum price that a seller will accept, usually in an auction; = reserve price:

• The painting failed to reach its reserve (= was not sold because the minimum price was not offered ) .

— see also reserves

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reserve UK US /rɪˈzɜːv/ verb [T]
to keep something for a particular purpose or time: reserve sth for sb/sth »

The plan would reserve $1 billion for ""long-term capacity improvements"".

COMMERCE to arrange for something to be kept for you, for example, a seat on an aircraft or a table at a restaurant: »

He's reserved a table for 8pm.

reserve the right to do sth — Cf. reserve the right to do sth
reserve judgement — Cf. reserve judgement
reserve UK US /rɪˈzɜːv/ noun
[C] a supply of something that you have available to use if you need to: »

You will need a reasonable reserve of cash to start the process.


coal/oil/fuel reserves

in reserve — Cf. in reserve
[C] (also reserve price) COMMERCE the lowest amount of money that the owner will accept for something that is being sold, especially at an auction: »

I set the reserve price at $50 in the hope that it would sell for much more.

reserves — Cf. reserves

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